Global patent application

The benefits of registering a global patent

Patent Benefits

  • Strong protection

    Strong protection

    Prevent infringement, protect core technology and build core competitiveness.

  • Government support

    Government support

    Get special funds from the government, tax relief and other support.

  • Credit loans

    Credit loans

    With a patent, you can get up to 5 million bank credit loans.

  • Occupy the market

    Occupy the market

    Expand product market share and maintain industry leadership.

  • Honorary qualifications

    Honorary qualifications

    The necessary conditions for applying for national high-tech enterprises and national awards.

  • Promotion weapon

    Promotion weapon

    The important conditions for promotion to the title stand out in the workplace.

Registration Process

Registration Process

  1. 01

    Patent evaluation

    Analysts customize the application strategy to reduce the risk of application

  2. 02

    Prepare the application materials

    Personal/legal person identity card, technical certificate of delivery, power of attorney, application

  3. 03

    Patent application paperwork

    Engineers excavate technical points to meet licensing conditions

  4. 04

    Submit your application

    Monitor the process strictly

  5. 05

    Get the certificate

    Real-time tracking, feedback follow-up, easy proof

WTEC advantages

WTEC advantages


One-stop service

Intellectual property applications, legal disputes, intellectual property operations, transaction realization

Efficient quality assurance

Efficient quality assurance

Senior experts write efficiently, multiple internal audits, and high approval rates

Covers all areas of IPC

Covers all areas of IPC

Authoritative agent experts, ten years of industry experience covering the IPC International Classification of all industries

Information security is confidential

Information security is confidential

Sign non-disclosure agreements to provide customers with strict confidentiality of technical information

Customer success stories

Customer success stories

WTEC 20 years, service enterprises up to hundreds of thousands of business covering all regions of the world countries

  • Germany Germany
  • Russia Russia
  • European Union European Union
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • China China
  • China China
  • China China
  • China China