Amazon one-stop service

With the weakness of traditional foreign trade channels, cross-border e-commerce is currently developing extremely rapidly. Cross-border e-commerce has now become the mainstream foreign trade export model and an important breakthrough in promoting China's foreign trade economy. In the field of cross-border e-commerce, Amazon has a huge influence on the entire world. When it comes to cross-border B2C Chinese foreign traders first choose Amazon. In Amazon, we not only have professional early-stage consultants and later operation team, but also have cooperated deeply with Amazon official for many years. We have a special green channel to escort you to open a global store and realize the dream of global freight as soon as possible.

Amazon shop opening

Amazon sites

  • 欧洲五站
    Five sites in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain)
  • North America Site
    North America Site
  • Japan Site
    Japan Site

Process and cost

  1. 01
    Determine the Amazon registration subject and sign the agreement

    Determine the Amazon registration subject and sign the agreement

  2. 02
    Fill out the form and prepare the information

    Fill out the form and prepare the information

  3. 03
    Submit to Amazon's official website

    Submit to Amazon's official website

The cost of opening a store on Amazon site varies from site to site, please consult our consultant for details

Prepare materials

  1. 1.

    Company name and scanned copy of business license

  2. 2.

    Contact name and mobile phone contact information

  3. 3.

    Email required to be registered

  4. 4.

    Commodity category/category and number of products

  5. 5.

    Dual currency credit card, best to support visa

  6. 6.

    Shop Name

  7. 7.

    Please prepare the product upload form in advance

Note: Enjoy our Amazon agent operation service. Our company can conduct shop opening services for free

Amazon agent operation

  • Services

  • Service model

    Incubation service (3 months)
    Suitable for: Register for companies, factories, shops,
    1. servers that Amazon has not yet involved in, assist in brand registration, VAT, etc.
    2. Amazon operation skills: 3 days and 1 night practical course
    3. training system trader experience 1V1 teaching
    4. for 3 months account specially assigned person to assist operation support
    Trusteeship Operation Service
    Suitable for: companies and factories that have a certain understanding of Amazon
    1. Trusteeship Operation Service for 3 months and 1 year commitment
    2. of guaranteed trusteeship service for 1 year
  • Agent operation process

    Step1 Customers and the operation department discuss on products to understand related information

    Step2 Store dedicated computer equipment and secure network IP construction

    Step3 Store account registration and assist in the registration of collection accounts and brand filing

    Step4 Conduct product research and analysis to clarify product positioning, and formulate operation plans

    Step5 Write a new product listing, take pictures, and formulate FBA delivery plan after it is put on the shelf

    Step6 New product FBA enters warehouse, CPC advertisement starts, and promotion method is set

    Step7 Combining the internal and external introduction of the site, launch promotion, and create high-quality goods

Amazon practical training

Reasons to choose WTEC

  • 1、Frontier Teaching


    Our World Trade Enterprise Consulting has a professional operation team, gathers many senior lecturers to teach lessons, has close contact with Amazon's official team to keep abreast of Amazon's international situation and internal policies, and the content and information will always remain cutting-edge

  • 2、Systematic training


    In response to the needs of the trainees, systematic upgrade training from basic operations and important rules to store operations is realized. The content of the course radiates all levels of Amazon. The professional system helps sellers to master Amazon's operation strategy in all aspects.

  • 3、Practical training


    Talking about practical things, aiming to support customers to earn money on the Amazon platform and achieve a business on the Amazon platform. With the small class system with strict appointment and control of the number of people, everyone can have face-to-face discussions with teachers and solve problems.

  • 4、Teaching guarantee


    Customers can pay for one time, and they can re-train for free for one year until they master the knowledge; once they become trainees, they can join the exclusive after-class QQ Q&A group, and an exclusive teacher will answer online.

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